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This is an important contractual agreement between yourself and J Avery Films. This contract should be read carefully before agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. The terms and conditions contained within this contract ensure that J Avery Films can provide an efficient and professional service on what is an important event in your life.  The data you provide will be treated by J Avery Films in the strictest confidence in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will not be passed on to any third parties.


Terms and Conditions


J Avery Films wants to ensure that your day is booked and agreed on the date set by you, a consideration has to be made that on booking the date that J Avery Films will not make arrangements to undertake any other work on that date. Therefore, on making your booking and agreeing to this contract we will generate a signed agreement and require a ‘non-refundable booking process fee’ of £300 for which will be receipted and your booking will be secured for your desired day. The full fees must be paid no later than one calendar month before your wedding date. J Avery Films reserve the right to cancel this contract if the full fees have not been paid by the ‘one calendar month’ period.


It is the responsibility of the clients to ensure that filming is permitted within the venue and/or church. If permission is not documented and the videographer is denied or restricted to film then J Avery Films reserve the right to invoice for the full amount of the wedding film.


J Avery Films ensure the highest quality in all our work and therefore to ensure your film is of the highest quality, we inform all prospective clients that in some cases your film may take up to 6 months in post-production.


All film and images are owned by J Avery Films under the provisions of the Copyright, Design & Patents Act of 1998. The client may not copy or print the film or photos taken under this contract, or allow copies or prints to be made in any way for commercial use, sale or profit, without the express permission of J Avery Films. The client may copy or print the film and images taken under this contract for personal use and that of family and friends.


For legal reasons, J Avery Films can only use licensed music in the making of the wedding film. Please note: payment for licensed music is included in the overall cost of the wedding film.


J Avery Films reserve the right to use appropriate clips of your wedding film on its website and social media platforms for promotional purposes only. J Avery Films requests that clients inform the videographer of any person/person’s children’s that cannot be filmed for legal or any other reasons.


The client agrees to take responsibility for making copies/back-up’s of the wedding video supplied by J Avery Films. J Avery Films reserve the right to produce one final film which is the edited version of the film footage. The editing is part of the filmmaking process and only the best material is used in the final film.

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