Hey, I'm James and I'm a wedding videographer born and raised in the heart of the Norfolk countryside. I've been filming weddings for over 5 years now and I've been very founrate enough to have filmed at some of the most stunning venues across Norfolk and behond!

My approach to filming is natural and relaxed whilst capturing the heart, soul and energy of your wedding day. I prefer to blend into the background and allow the craziness and emotions of the day unfold in front of the camera. This ensures that every random, funny and emotional moment is naturally captured. 

I thrive on natural light which dominates much of my cinematography. This often contributes to the distinct cinematic feel throughout my work. I particularly love the light during 'golden hour' (shortly before sunset) when the light is much softer. If you're happy to, I may whisk you off for 20 minutes during this time. I'll likely scout a nearby field with a beautiful backdrop to capture some fun loving moments of you both. If you've had a few drinks by this point and feeling slightly merry, that will be a bonus!


Head over to my 'Film' page to get a 'reel' feel for my style.  

My Style